Web Drupal Programmer


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Web Drupal Programmer

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For immediate hiring. We’re looking for a dynamic team player with the ability to work under pressure, be able to deliver jobs within strict deadlines and to work independently. If you’re a specialist in this field then we’d like to meet up with you now and have a talk about an exciting opportunity.

Job Description and Role Summary: 
  • Installing the Drupal content management system and CiviCRM.
  • Identifying and installing additional modules to meet client needs.
  • Modifying system configurations to meet client needs.
  • Troubleshooting & answering client support issues.
  • Upgrading Drupal & CiviCRM installations.
  • Migrating website content from various sources into Drupal.
  • Migrating Contact data from spreadsheets into CiviCRM.
  • Configuring CiviCRM with custom data fields & profiles, appropriate Contact Matching Rules.
  • Configuring Drupal Content Types, CCK fields and Views.
  • Customizing Drupal templates to modify colors, layout, and images.
  • Updating Drupal templates to new Drupal release versions.
  • Migrating Development environments to production environments.
Key Skills and Requirements: 
  • Linux Command line via SSH; SCP / SFTP file transfers.
  • MySQL administration: phpMyAdmin, mysqldump utility.
  • PHP skills sufficient to update Drupal modules for a new major release version.
  • HTML / CSS (sufficient to modify colors, borders, layout, etc).
  • SSL certificate configuration.
  • 5+ years Web Development experience.
  • 3+ years Drupal specific experience.

Additional skills which would be valuable:

  • Able to write custom Drupal modules in PHP.
  • Advanced CiviCRM configuration & Customization (ACLs, Profile Listings, Hooks, API functions, etc).
  • DNS managment (Creating A records, MX records).
  • Advanced CSS (creating floating DIV layouts, custom bullet points, etc).
  • Advanced Drupal themeing (custom theme functions) Javascript / jQuery
    Multi-Browser compatibility knowledge & experience Search Engine Optimization.

•    Five-day work
•    Performance-based bonus
•    Insurance and medical cover
•    12 Days annual leave / year + 1 day every year  

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